Permaculture Projects and Communities on Tenerife

Tenerife seen from the air with the 3718m high peak of El Teide

Tenerife has various permaculture and farming projects. Thanks to its temperate climate it’s easy to live outside all year round. Even in winter it generally doesn’t get colder than 15 °C or so at night. So it’s great for camping! So hope you enjoy reading about some of these projects!

Serene Light Garden (Luz Serena)

This project is located in the north of Tenerife close to Bajamar and the Anaga mountains. It’s been around for about two years. It’s a great spot with interesting people that know a lot about permaculture and techniques to improve the soil. They have their own voltuneer program on their website and also offer tours through airbnb.

Batoro Project

Another project in the north, that has been running for a few years and often hosts a lot of voltunteers. They are generally looking for people who are hard working and want to commit themselves for a longer period of time. It close to Tejina.

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